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Recent Awards & Thank You's!

Webmaster note: Quite often in the course of this anti-poverty work, we don't get many chances to recognize and celebrate the hard work done by our organizational leaders, members, and community volunteers. On this page, we want to take that chance to share and say, "Thank you!"

(3/19/06) Michigan Coalition for Human Rights 25th Anniversary. Humanitarian Award presented to Maureen Taylor and Marian Kramer.

Photo (l-r): Maureen Taylor, State Chair, MWRO; Vallory Johnson, Co-Chair, Highland Park Human Rights Coalition; Dr. Lani Guinier, Law Professor, Harvard University, Keynote Speaker; Nellie Jeffries, Member, MWRO; Marian Kramer; Co-President, National Welfare Rights Union, Co-Chair, Highland Park Human Rights Coalition.


(2/23/06) Call 'Em Out!!! 3rd Annual Awards Dinner of the Year. Maureen D. Taylor and Marian Kramer Award presented to Maureen D. Taylor and Marian Kramer.

Photo (l-r): Agnes Hitchcock, Chair, Call 'Em Out!!!, Marian Kramer; Member, Michigan WRO, Co-President, NWRU; Rev. Pinkney, BANCO. [Maureen Taylor was out of town raising h***!]


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