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A Day Without Immigrants/Great American Boycott, 5/1/06

Maureen Taylor at Detroit Day Without an Immigrant Rally; photo courtesy of Ian Robinson.

Nearly two thousand metro Detroiters rallied at St. Anne Catholic Church and Clark Park in Southwest Detroit on May 1st--International Labor Day--to call attention to the contributions of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Among the many speakers was Maureen Taylor, State Chair of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. Maureen told the crowd that she is a member of the largest union in the country--the union of poor and low-income people. She said, "there are lots of people demanding that we get the lowest paid and the worst jobs out there and then have us fighting each other for them--we're not for that!" She added that there are also many who say Latinos and other people of color are terrorists because we want a better life. To that she countered, "the real terrorists are the gas company, the light company, and the water company when they come and shut-off your utilities because you've lost your job or you're too poor to pay your bills. You must do something to make certain that we get after these people. At the end of the day, we can march, we can pray together, but you can't trust them, and we're going to have to do something to take it back."

Thousands of metro Detroiters and people from across Michigan will be meeting in southwest Detroit on Monday, May 1st--also International Labor Day!

Here's how you can participate:

10am--Immigrant Workers Rally to recognize the contribution of immigrants.
St. Anne Catholic Church, 1000 St. Anne St (off I-75, Porter St/Ambassador Bridge to Canada), Detroit 48216. (flyer attached)

12pm--Rally against HR4437 at Clark Park (between W Vernor Hwy and W Lafayette, 4 blocks west of W Grand)

4-8pm--Opening of the Workers Center (Centro Obrero), 1920 Scotten (near Vernor) in the former Casa de Unidad location. The Workers Center will offer classes in English (ESL), and referral services (particularly for immigrant workers) living and working in the Detroit area. Office equipment and other donations are needed. For more information, contact Rosendo Delgado (313) 580-5474 or Elena Herrada (313) 655-9160.

WEAR white shirts.
NO WORK, SCHOOL or PURCHASES--buy whatever you need Sunday or Tuesday!
BRING your family, friends, signs, banners, and other support.

This has become an international solidarity movement that many are comparing with other historical struggles. Come out and help us fight for justice for all working people!

For more information, contact local rally organizers:
Latinos United of MI (313) 582-7231 or 655-9160
MOSES of MI (313) 962-5290

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