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Property tax lien evictions on seniors and the disabled are in full swing in Michigan!

Carl is a Korean War veteran who has been emotionally challenged for more than twenty years.  He had been presenting letters to the Wayne County Tax Division for the last fifteen years at least, prepared by a series of lawyers, asking for waivers exempting him from tax payments because of his condition.  A few years ago, he was given incorrect info and believed he no longer needed such verifications, and you can guess what has now happened.  REMAX through North Park Enterprises, LLC, snatched his home for a few pieces of gold from the State of Michigan, and had an eviction court date set for Monday, Aug. 21, at 8am at the 36th District Court in Detroit.

The "new owners" of Carl's home fully intended to ask that he be thrown out on the streets. However, lovers of justice met up with Welfare Rights members at court and stood in support of this frail little man who was prepared to commit suicide a few weeks ago. These devils at REMAX and North Park Enterprises tried to circumvent the system by planting a threat.  They leaked to his neighbors their intention to illegally evict him, alleging they had the right to do this, knowing that his friends in the community would relay this false info to him and they did. Faced with considerable support from the community, the "new owners" agreed with our minimum demand to give Carl 60 days before he would have to vacate the premises. The presiding Judge agreed to the additional 50 days--her parameters would have called for 10 days--in recognition of the significant community support. This battle is not over! THOUSANDS of seniors, working families, and other low-income people across the State of Michigan are losing the homes they've PAID FOR or nearly paid for because of property tax liens from local cities and counties. We must put an end to this epidemic creation of homelessness!

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