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Michigan Welfare Rights has experienced several victories of late that are inspiring and prolific. We were successful in overthrowing the dragon, Jackie Currie, the deposed Detroit City Clerk after she was found guilty of contempt and suspected of rigging local and state elections in favor of those who paid for this favor. We helped organize and submit the most recent "Water Affordability Plan," the first systemic introduction into the way water rates are charged and water is managed in Detroit in the City's history. We are involved with a grassroots upsurge that has tremendous potential and many possibilities, but we need your help.

Can you join this fight against poverty? If you can spare $22 per month, it can work to strengthen this upsurge. If you are a low-income person, we need you to join us as a member of Michigan Welfare Rights. We agree with what the great Rev. Vernon Johns said, who pastored just before Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., "If you see a good fight, get in it!!" If you believe that the U.S. needs to be refocused, if you agree that poverty is surmountable, if you agree that we are capable of being better than what we see today, then join us and let's make this thing happen!

Here's how you can contribute to the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization:

By Mail:

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization

23 E. Adams, 4th floor

Detroit, MI 48226



You can contribute electronically through PayPal by making an online donation

(PayPal account not required)


In-kind contributions:

Because we are a volunteer organization, we are always in need of the following items:


Photocopy paper


Fax machine cartridges (Panasonic KX-FHD351)


Printer toner (Hewlett Packard 1200 series)

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