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"Ask Welfare Rights" TV & Radio Show

WHPR TV 33 (UHF), Comcast 20; 88.1FM -- Every Tuesday from 7-8 pm

Join Maureen Taylor and Marian Kramer on Tuesday nights for a lively discussion of the latest local and national issues of the week.  These welfare rights veterans cover a variety of topics, especially changes in welfare policies, where and how to obtain public assistance benefits, economic human rights, politics and elections, and more!

Listeners are encouraged to call in with their thoughts and opinions. WHPR show call-in numbers are:

(313) 868-4336    (313) 868-0351    (313) 868-0342

WHPR Main Office (313) 868-6612


Help us keep the "Ask Welfare Rights" Show on the air! Please send in your $22.

Click here for information on where to send your contributions.

The "Ask Welfare Rights" Show is proud to support the work of these fine businesses and self-employed professionals who have supported our work over the years:


Little Anthony's Affordable Carpet Cleaning Service (Residential and Commercial)  (313) 231-8430


Alexander Tyson, All-Around Handyman  (313) 550-1919


Hugh "Buck" Davis, The People's Attorney  (313) 961-2255


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