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National Welfare Rights Union Retreat, Board Meeting

and Awards Dinner

Friday, August 29-Monday, September 1, 2008

Detroit, Michigan

Topics include: What Has Happened to the Safety Net and Why?

Childcare, Foster Care, Domestic Violence. Electoral Issues--What Will It Take?

Technology in Today's World of Work. Where Do We Go From Here--Our National Plan?

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Are you being denied your human right to water?

Are you in danger of having your water shut off?

Have your overdue water bills been put on your property taxes?





The striking American Axle workers have asked those who support their just cause to demonstrate as planned – Friday April 18th , at 11:30am…Local 235, Holbrook just east of the I-75 (Chrysler) Freeway.

Let's show our gratitude to them for standing up in the face of this corporate attack, and thank them for striking to secure decent wages for us all.  We show unity in this struggle or we risk our children and grandchildren living in a world were they work 40 hrs. without benefits, & without decent wages, while the company bosses get million dollar salaries & stock options at our expense.  Are your children worth this fight? You choose...which side are you on!

Hey disco divas and groovy gentlemen! 
You are cordially invited to bring your dancing shoes for the
party of the season... 
a fundraiser for Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
and Call 'Em Out! 
When: Friday, November 30, 2007
Where: International Institute, 111 E. Kirby (at John R)
Time: 7pm-Midnight
Donation: $15/person 
Dazzling delights include one of Detroit's hottest DJ's, and
 BYOB--that's right, bring your own potions and dance the night away!! 
Tickets on sale at the MWRO office, 23 E. Adams...call first (313) 964-0618 
"Cut Throat" Disco! flyer...please share with others. 

It's here!

The First Public Screening of the

Highland Park Water Crisis Documentary

THE WATER FRONT (aka Water Warriors)

Friday, May 11, 2007


Highland Park High School, 15900 Woodward Ave.

(between the Davison Fwy and McNichols)

FREE!! Dessert reception to follow--please bring your delicious donations.

Filmmaker: Liz Miller

[email protected]

View the trailer, Water Warriors, about Highland Park residents' determination to fight for affordable water rates, against privatization, and address the City's financial

Read about...

The Michigan Welfare Rights Organization's  Water Affordability Program is a socially conscious business model that, when implemented, will accomplish several goals: rate affordability, arrearage management, water conservation, fundamental consumer protections, and ability-to-pay collection initiatives. These changes will not only help Detroit's low-income residents but they will help protect and promote capital investments and repairs for our City owned water department.


Good news on the fight for water affordability!  On 7/26/06, the Detroit City Council unanimously approved the The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW) to provide a subcontract for MWRO's water affordability design expert, Roger Colton. A similar proposal was approved later the same afternoon at the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Board of Commissioners meeting. The only vote against the proposal was by Board Vice President Marilynn Gosling, Oakland County.


With these approvals in place, our water affordability expert can now get to work on the details of the plan to implement a water affordability plan in Detroit, and stop water shut-offs against poor and low-income households. However, we must insist that the program is administered through THAW and not untested and unreliable third party agencies!


Low-income residents of Detroit cannot continue struggling with unaffordable water bills! The Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept. must stop water shut-offs now.

Water is a human right!

Read the latest water struggle stories in Detroit:

7/2/06: Michigan Citizen--Sewage Rate Hike


6/14/06: Metro Times--Water Woes: Increased Detroit Rates Put Pressure on Poor


6/11/06: Michigan Citizen--Toilet Tax: Flush Once, Pay Twice: Mercado Slaps Detroit with Sewage Increase; Suburbs Get a Credit

6/11/06: Michigan Citizen--Half-Billion for Water Dept Contractors

6/11/06: Michigan Citizen--The Flush Test

3/8/06: Click here for the Detroit Channel 7 WXYZ story about MWRO's fight to implement the Water Affordability Program.

3/1/06: Click here for the Detroit Channel 7 WXYZ story about Michigan Welfare Right's City Council fight against the water rate increase.


Read more about recent Detroit City Council water rate votes.

Read more about the latest Detroit City Council home pickets.

More coming soon!

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