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The grassroots community is once again in mourning. Our warriors are joining the ancestors in record numbers, stressed out by perpetual battle and premature fights while engaged in the war against poverty. Prop 2 was a recent casualty, lost by our limited access to appropriate resources needed to educate our constituents. Detroit leads the nation in foreclosures. DTE is operating like the Dalton Gang, pillaging without recourse, while thousands of low-income homes are without lights and gas. The Water Dept. continues to disconnect service, while we face constant delays in implementing the Water Affordability Plan, delays engineered by the Water Director. And now, this!

Founding Welfare Rights member Mrs. Helen Stanley-Coleman was in Detroit, making her poignant presentation as we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the great Tent City movement, when we received news that her son had passed away. The great Judge Bledsoe in Highland Park, made his transition. An now, we learn that the electric Elizabeth Robinson, champion of poor people, advocate for welfare recipients, who was a rock of support at the Dept. of Human Services, last night joined the ancestors. Our hearts are again in pain, our souls injured, our eyes blurred. How much more can we carry, how much more hurt must we endure. Vallory, Jeanette, Mrs. Wills, Travis, Debra Bradt, and so many others have pointed the path toward selfless sacrifice, so somehow through yet another dark night, we shall endure this too. Sleep well, champions of justice, 'til we meet again.

Maureen D. Taylor, State Chair/Michigan Welfare Rights Org.

Funeral arrangements for Elizabeth Robinson are as follows: Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2006...Family Hour 10:30am, life celebration @11am...Annapolis Park Church of Christ, 30355 Annapolis, Westland, MI.

Public good-bye's for Liz will happen on Monday, Nov. 20, where our darling will be lying in state at the Swanson Funeral Home, 14751 W. McNichols in Detroit - from 2pm to 9pm.

My, my, my...Maureen

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